Review: Surfer’s Paradise


There are lots of lovely things I could say about the various beach shacks in Les Almadies. I love Noflaye for its Jack Johnson music in the background, the aqua-colored chairs, cold drinks, and of course the view!


We were recently invited to go check out Surfer’s Paradise (in between La Cabane des Surfeurs/Surf Shack and Noflaye) and we were impressed with their menu (more of a selection, featuring some gourmet salads, pizza, sandwiches and more), their high deck featuring a fantastic span of the ocean, a kids’ playground with swings and a small bouncy house, and (my favorite) a coming-soon natural pool! The pool will be a small ‘cove’ sitting right against the ocean and will be pumped with ocean water.


It’s not as well decorated and eclectic as Noflaye, but it has its own set of beach vibe perks that are definitely worth checking out.



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