B’Food review: B’licious!


I am so, so happy that Dakar is getting a variety of healthy restaurant options. Smoothies, salads… I’m all in.

This week I tried B’Food for the first time. (Delivery of course, because if I can avoid rolling, that’s how I roll.)

The salade fermière won some serious points with me, starting with the fact that it was very freshly made! No wilted lettuce or mushy tomatoes here. Also the Emmental was sliced, not grated and all dried out like you often get. As I said – very freshly made, as a salad should be.

And I don’t know what they marinate their chicken in, but it was awesome – flavorful and with enough kick that I immediately scoured their menu to see what else I could order with that chicken. 🙂

Final bonus point: tangy vinaigrette came on the side, not doused all over my salad.

The mango smoothie was very mango-ey. Not full of fillers, just good, pure mango taste. And they delivered it well-wrapped so it didn’t leak all over. Two thumbs up.

Definitely a good addition to Dakar’s food scene, especially for those looking for good quality, healthier options.

(Oh, and one more good thing. They included three menus with my order. I’m always surprised by how many places that do take-out and delivery don’t stock or distribute their menus. Good work, B’Food!)

In Point E at intersection of rue A and rue 7.
Tel: 33 825 75 51
Monday-Saturday, 11am to 4pm / 8pm to 11pm

Find them on Facebook.



  1. Hi Dakar Eats!! i couldn’t agree with you more. B’food is a very welcome addition to the Dakar food scene. That it is located in Pt E is also a bonus!!

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