Just opened: M&M Bistrot

Just heard about a new spot over in Ngor. Anyone tried it yet? Looks very interesting… especially for all of us looking for more breakfast & brunch options! They have a daily breakfast combo for 5000cfa.

Not to mention tacos, quesadillas, fajitas and burritos. Wow.

You can expect more info and a review soon!



M&M Bistrot
Near the Shell station on route de Ngor
Tel: 33 820 15 08



  1. The place is nice, just opened. Nice ambiance. Grand opening is this Saturday so might be a great idea to go try their breakfast with the family then.
    The service is very nice. They take the time to focus on customers. We had the burgers, and were full. I am trying the burritos and quesadillas today 🙂

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