Noflaye Beach


There’s a new ‘it place’ in Dakar and it’s Noflaye Beach restaurant. Take the laid back feel of a surf shack and upgrade the décor to something Pinterest-worthy (the bathrooms!) and the standard Dakarois menu to include a variety of delicious savoury crêpes served with a lovely little salad or sweet dessert crêpes for a treat. And of course, all of this with a great ocean view and a space to relax and catch some rays or take a dip.

That’s Noflaye Beach.


Located on the Corniche des Almadies, between the Cabane des Surfeurs and Hotel des Almadies. Look for the big sign.

Tel: 33 820 3032

They have a great Facebook page, by the way! See their full menu there.





Thanks for the photos, Jenn!



  1. I have to say, I was horribly disappointed. I’ve been living in Dakar for about 8 years and I’ve never had such aggressively rude service as I had last weekend at Noflaye. The crepes were delicious, but the beach ambiance was completely ruined by rude servers who balanced completely ignoring us with pushing us out the door and making snide comments in Wolof. I will not be going back.

    • Funny, that. We had the exact same experience end June… Plates and glasses were being slammed down and then grabbed again while you are still swallowing the last mouth full. The waitress was surly and when asked if there was a problem, disappeared altogether. Food was average. When we approached the manager/owner or whatever he just shrugged his shoulders. we did mention that it was our first and also last visit. he did not seem to care

  2. GREAT Restaurant/Beach – I dine and hang out here at least twice a month with friends since it opened and it’s fantastic every time. Great food and always service with a smile from their friendly staff, especially Tra the manager. Their restrooms are super clean, which is important where ever you are in the world! I will be going often. You guessed it, it’s my favorite place in Dakar.

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