The 2014 Dakar Pizza Awards

La Maison de Céline
La Maison de Céline

To say that I love pizza is an understatement.

My first job was at this little Italian place that did brick-oven pizzas with beautiful crusts, flavorful sauce, just the right amount of cheese and specialty toppings that were culinary works of art.

But I also love a good $7 pizza from Papa John’s (pepperoni, please) or a quick pita bread pizza, and have been known to put away my share of any pizza placed in front of me.

While I’m not particularly picky about pizza, I am passionate about the ones I love. So here it goes…

THE best pizza in Dakar: Sam’s Pizza. And they deliver now. My world is a happy place these days. His crusts are the best I’ve ever had – period. The toppings are locally sourced and awesome, and I really appreciate how he combines them in ways that I might never think of, but wind up loving from the first bite. UPDATE: CLOSED IN 2015

Best pizza restaurant: La Maison de Céline in Les Almadies. Great pizzas and calzones, amazing café gourmand dessert and a beautiful setting. (Full review coming soon!)

Most like American fast-food pizza: Yum Yum’s thick crust family size. (Try the Five Cheese!) And they also deliver now.

Best pizza in Plateau: La Piazza. Good pizza, not-so-good service.

Easiest go-to for convenience: La Piazzola in Mermoz ordered via HelloFood online or their mobile app. The Sardaigna with chorizo is very good and they have the option of pork ham – yay! Also their salads and pastas are dee-licious.

Best homemade pizza shortcut: Marie Simone’s freshly baked half-wheat crusts, which she’ll deliver to you. They freeze/thaw beautifully.

Best ready-made freezer pizza: Citydia’s own brand. Try the three cheese + add some of your favorite toppings.

Note: I haven’t tried pizzas at Sao Brasil or Le Mokai, but will soon!

So what do you think? Agree or disagree with my pizza awards? Any others to add?


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