Guest post: The WARC restaurant

Today’s guest post recommending a local restaurant is from a very special contributor, my husband, who jokingly refers to himself as ‘Mr. Dakar Eats’. As you’ll see, it’s probably best that he keeps his day job. 😉

The email he sent me included this information and the photo below:

“2 meal choices/day. 1,000-1,500cfa”


When I asked for more details, here’s what I got:
– very good, simple meals
– usually one Senegalese dish and one ‘brochette’-type meal
– good for a good, quick lunch
– nice ambiance
– you’ll hear English, French and Wolof

So there you have it, a guest post by Mr. Dakar Eats. And while it may not be the most informative post on here, it’s the first time he’s ever sent me a recommendation to share, so it must have made a pretty good impression!


West African Research Center (WARC) Restaurant
Rue Leon Gontron Damas
Tel: 33 865 22 77



  1. Well, if your husband gets excited about a food place, we really ought to try it! He told me the other day that he eats to live. I live to eat, so let’s go!

  2. This is around the corner from my office and many of my colleagues eat there everyday. It really is simple and good, and I would add clean. There is always a Senegalese dish and a “European” dish – spaghetti, brochette, fried fish…But go early or you risk not finding a seat or the option you want (after 1:30 forget about it).

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