Say (smoked) cheese!


Smoked Gouda, Emmental, Cheddar and custom cheese orders are now available in Dakar!

Dakar has a wide selection of international goodies, but smoked cheese options were pretty limited – until now. The cheeses are all cold-smoked with a mixture of local and imported hard woods and fruit woods. They are then vacuum sealed to preserve the flavor and freshness of the cheese.

This week Shawn will have smoked Cheddar (8000 cfa / 500g), smoked Emmental (5000 cfa / 500g) and smoked Gouda (6500 cfa / 500g) available for purchase in Point E. Call 77-385-99-02 (English or French) for pricing and to place your order.

Unsure of what to do with smoked cheese? Four words: smokey mushroom Emmental burger. HEAVEN!



  1. Having Smoked Gouda on pita wrap is great for any time during the day.
    I had it for dinner yesterday and breakfast this morning.

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