2 reviews in 1: HelloFood and La Piazzola

I’ve been meaning to try out HelloFood‘s online ordering for delivery, but just haven’t gotten around to it. But today’s been busy and it was 2pm before I started thinking about lunch. Pizza sounded good (as always) and I’ve also been meaning to try La Piazzola. So, feeling quite adventurous, I tackled both at once!


The HelloFood website still has some kinks in it (for example, our neighborhood isn’t listed as a delivery area, but the school down the street is) but it’s getting more filled out and seems to be growing well.

Ordering was pretty simple and in the extra comments box I gave detailed instructions for the delivery address.

The pizzas from La Piazzola sounded good and I loved that they actually had pork chorizo as an option. Dark pink beef ham and I are not friends, especially on pizza. And I love good chorizo.

I made my selection and received a confirmation on the HelloFood site that my order had been received and it said I’d receive both an email and text message confirmation soon. One out of two’s not bad, right? 😉

The message also said delivery time would be 20 minutes.

The doorbell rang 26 minutes later with one lovely chorizo pizza delivered by a very polite gentleman who apparently understood my directions.

Score, score, score.

(Bonus: The pizza came with a packet of spicy Hot Pizz. I love that stuff!)


La piazzola
Located in Mermoz on route de Ouakam, near the old Score store, across from CFAO Technologie.
33 860 3614 or 70 648 1380



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