Organic produce and dairy home deliveries!

Milk from Keur Normand - delicious!
Milk from Keur Normand – delicious!

I have a new hobby. Well, maybe not a hobby so much as an obsession. Weekly home deliveries of fresh, organic dairy products and produce! After years of hearing good things about Passion Nature’s produce & Keur Normand’s dairy products, I finally placed an order and am totally hooked.

Before ordering, I asked Dakar Eats Facebook fans what they’d recommend and they said…

  • Milk, milk, and more milk.
  • Don’t shake the milk! Reserve the layer of cream on to for your coffee. It’s the best.
  • Besides the best milk you’ve ever had, make sure to get vanilla yogurt!! And eggs…(better and cheaper than the boutique)
  • Low-fat fromage blanc!!
  • Milk, yoghurt and drinkable yogurt and fresh produce!
  • Their vanilla yogurt is fantastic!
Tastes even better than it looks!
Tastes even better than it looks!

So how do I order?

It’s actually quite a nifty little system they’ve put in place. Each week you can log in to a shared Gmail account and see what’s available and the prices, then place your order by filling out a form. Prices include delivery fees.

1. Go to
2. Log in with username and password thiesbio2014.
3. Click on ‘Drive’.
4. Click on your city (Dakar, Thies or Saly).
5. Fill out the form to order dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables (organic and/or in season), fresh eggs, chickens, jams, etc…
6. Be sure to list your first and last name in the top of the column.
7. If it’s your first order, send an email to giving your first and last name, telephone number and delivery address. (He speaks English.)

Delivery schedule:
Monday: Plateau – Route de Rufisque – Hann-Maristes
Tuesday: Thies
Wednesday: Point E – Fann – Corniche – Fenetre Mermoz
Thursday: Ouakam – Mamelles – Almadies – Ngor – Yoff – Nord and Ouest Foire
Friday: Mbour – Saly – Ngaparou – Somone – Nguerigne

“PASSION NATURE” Ferme Agrobiologique de Keur N’Diaye Lô
77 569 53 28 / 77 637 24 56 / 77 569 88 59



  1. For my husband’s birthday a few years ago, I gave him a weekly delivery of milk from Keur Normand, since that is the one thing he misses most about Canada. They have “écremé”, “demi-écremé” and “entier”. We get the demi-écremé and it is probably about 3% BF. Sometime ago they added a minimum charge of 5,000 so we began to buy eggs and creme fraiche from them also. They don’t hold strictly to the minimum 5,000 (because they don’t always have the product that I want) but they will definitely not deliver for just one litre of milk. Willy Baey is a really pleasant young Frenchman who also speaks English and would be open to tours of his dairy.

  2. This process for ordering is a bit more difficult than the send a text method. But I’m happy to help them develop an order system that will be easy for customers and the Keur Normand team. There are better web-based methods.

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