My favorite restaurants (#17)

People often ask for restaurant recommendations in Dakar. I’m a bit hesitant to do so simply because if there’s one thing that’s consistent about the food scene in Dakar, it’s that it can be inconsistent. So in order to give a nice, well-rounded view of things, I’m asking readers to give their opinions as well. If you’d be willing to participate, please email me!.

Today we’re hearing from Ashley, an American designer now in Dakar with her husband and three children. Some of her favorite obsessions are macarons, a perfectly styled cup of espresso and a Pimm’s Cup full of colorful fruit.

Favorite pizza: Sam’s Pizza, of course. I love that it is all local and the sauce is so good and the crust… Amazing.

Favorite burgers and fries: Classic Burger is the best option in Dakar for an American fast food burger and it’s good, but my favorite is the tofu burger is at the French Institute.

Favorite ice cream: I heart Gelato. It’s by my house. I love their sign (typography nerd here) and the gelato is great, except for the lemon sorbet. Consider yourself warned.

Favorite ethnic restaurant: Lalibela for Ethiopian in Point E. I’m pretty sure that’s the only place I’ve ever had lentils and I loved them, plus the rooftop atmosphere is great.

Favorite Senegalese meal: Mafé. I love the peanut butter!

Favorite breakfast or brunch: My American version of brunch doesn’t really exist in Dakar although I’ve heard of Mawa’s being delicious. We love to just put in a pastry delivery from La Graine D’Or and sip coffee and/or mimosas at home on Sunday!

Favorite little beach restaurant: Le N’Gor in Almadies, hands down. Love the brochette de lotte and it’s always fresh. Plus they have excellent mojitos.

Favorite salad: Terrou-bi has this amazing avocado salad with shrimp and a variety of fruit. The vinaigrette is perfect and it’s reasonably priced at 3,000cfa.

Favorite old standby: Le Ryad. Always consistent. Beautiful atmosphere and the owner is so lovely.

Favorite splurge: Buddha Café for either overpriced sushi or poulet à l’orange.

Favorite place to enjoy a good coffee: Right now it’s Zippyland (for those with young children) Grabbing a café au lait with the ladies while our children are entertained. Brilliant.

If I were stranded on a deserted island and could have only one of Dakar’s restaurants, it would be:
Le Ryad! I could eat Couscous d’atlas everyday plus I love the mint tea.

What is missing from the Dakar food scene?
Mexican food. I mean real Mexican food. It’s the one thing I miss.

Thanks, Ashley!


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  1. sheesh. dakar had changed quite a bit in 4 years! we were up with all the best but most of this is new to me…awesome!

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