Yum Yum – getcha’ some!


photo 1
Can’t miss it!

By now you’ve probably heard the (sugar) buzz and maybe even made your way over to Ouakam to sample a few menu items at YUM★YUM Pizza & Donut. If you haven’t, here are the answers to some of the FAQs I’m hearing…

photo 2
Duo thick-crust BBQ chicken pizza

Is it good?

Does it taste like American pizza and donuts?
Much closer than anything I’ve ever had in Dakar.

photo 1
Duo thick-crust pepperoni lover’s

Okay, let’s talk specifics. What did you have?
We had two pizzas, both thick crust. The crust was definitely thicker than most Dakar pizzas, like a hand-tossed dough in the US. What I really liked was that it had good texture and chewiness to it – not the cracker-crispy or foam uni-texture stuff. I mean it’s no Sam’s crust, but for fast-food pizza, it’s really good! And they have three sizes in thin and thick crusts so you can choose the one you want. I’ve heard the thin crust is good too. (Has anyone tried the family-size pan pizza?)

photo 2
I hear it’s packed at lunch, but it was pretty full even at 6pm!

And the toppings?
We got a BBQ Chicken pizza that was great. I’d definitely order it again – soon. We also got a pepperoni lover’s. The pizza itself was good, but the pepperoni (spicy beef sausage) was more like American summer sausage than pepperoni. Still, a very good pizza. I’m just not big on beef ham, beef sausage, etc… Next time I’d go with either a cheese pizza or try one of their (many!) other varieties, probably the Jamaican or Veggie. Lots of choices! And at 5500cfa, the family pan cheese pizza is a great deal.

photo 3
Behind the counter

What about the service?
They were busy, but not overwhelmed, when we went. I called in our order and the woman on the phone was wonderful – very friendly and helpful. She said it would be ready in 20 minutes for pick-up (delivery not yet available) and it was.

One thing that really impressed me was that while I was waiting in line, there was confusion behind the counter about an order that may have been messed up. The manager (well, I assume she was) realized she’d made a mistake and actually apologized to the guy making pizzas. It’s not often that you see management being kind and respectful to employees and I really appreciated that. I have much more confidence in a business lasting and thriving if the work ambiance is a good one!

photo 3

Sounds great. Now how about the donuts?
Yum! Yum! (I couldn’t resist.) Their donut dough is light and tasty, but not as sweet as some in the US – which I actually loved! It means you can enjoy the flavors of the frostings and glazes without that over-the-top sugary tingle in your teeth.

The glazed donut holes were delicious and would be perfect with a cup of coffee. I was very, very happy with them.

The vanilla cream-filled donut with chocolate frosting was also quite good, but I’m not a cream-filled donut person in most cases. Still, since the donut itself was not overly sweet, I was a pretty big fan of this one.

The chocolate frosted donut with almond slivers was great… IF you like dark chocolate, which I do. For some Americans, it’s probably not sweet enough. But for me, it was just right!

Bottom line… I’d order them all again, and again, and again… and try others too!

photo 4
Cream-filled, dark chocolate frosted with almonds, glazed donut holes and my son’s choice

And they have Happy Hour?
Yes, the menu says from 3-5pm, it’s buy one, get one free for sundaes, donuts, brownies and 33cl drinks. I’m sure it will be hugely popular, especially since they make fresh donuts at 4pm. However, I think you may have to mention that you want the Happy Hour special offer in order to get the discount.

Okay, I have to go. Where is it?
It’s just off route de Ouakam, across from Le Régal restaurant.

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 5.07.22 PM

Find it on the Dakar Eats map here.



  1. Had 2 family pan pizza and 1 thin crust cheese pizza for 3 boys, 1 teenager, 2 adults for lunch and actually had a slice each the next morning! The family pan pizza is very filling and the best deep dish pizza I have had for over a decade.

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