Sam’s Pizza & Bread – opens February 1st!

That’s right. The ‘Mystery Baker’ and ‘Pizza Guy’ of Mamelles is being revealed! If you’ve heard the rumors, or been lucky enough to sample some of his breads and pizzas, you know this is big news. BIG NEWS.

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Sam’s Pizza Menu – Download here!

Sam’s Pizza
77 689 9730 /
Open Wed – Sun : 1800 – 2100 (or until dough runs out)
Take-away in Mamelles or delivery

Pizzas are 12 inches in diameter, wood-fired, and leavened with sourdough (levain).

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Robertson: cherry tomato, fresh mozzarella, leek, grana padano, roasted garlic infused olive oil……..6500 CFA

Margherita: tomato, buffalo mozzarella**, basil, grana padano, roasted garlic infused olive oil……..6500 CFA

Pauly G: tomato, fresh mozzarella, speck (smoked pork), hot honey, scallion, chive……..7500 CFA

Company: tomato, sweet red pepper, homemade lamb sausage, red onion, mint……..7500 CFA

Nina: bechamel, gruyere, caramelized onion, leek, scallion, chive, bread crumb, rosemary infused olive oil…….. 6500CFA

Baba: fresh mozzarella, gruyere, spinach, garlic, grana padano, olive oil…….. 7000CFA

Zelda: bechamel, fresh mozzarella, braised cabbage, roasted garlic, pancetta, pickled chillies, roasted garlic infused olive oil…….. 7500CFA

Each weekend will feature a special…. Please inquire, or visit our Facebook page.

Delivery: Ouakam (500 CFA), Mamelles (500 CFA), Almadies (1000 CFA), Mermoz (1000 CFA), Ngor (1000 CFA). No delivery charge for orders of 5 pizzas or more.

When buffalo mozzarella is not available, fresh mozzarella will be
substituted at a reduced price.

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1. Our flours are organic and milled especially for us in France.
2. Some menu items will not be available from time to time. This is the nature of using fresh ingredients in Senegal.
3. Meats, vegetables and cheeses are sourced locally when possible. Frozen and canned foods are never used.
4. For orders of 5 pizzas or more, please call 24 hours ahead.
5. Lunch orders accepted for 7 pizzas or more with 48 hours advanced notice.
6. Due to the natural antimicrobial properties of sourdough, our pizzas can be reheated by oven (not microwave!) for up to 2 days and still taste good
(assuming you liked it the first day).

Sam’s bread menu – Download here!

Sam’s Bread
77 689 9730 /

Naturally leavened hearth breads made from 100% organic stoneground flours,
unrefined sea salt, and filtered water.


Plan No. 1:
A 1-kilo loaf of bread delivered every Monday or Friday (1 bread a week). The type of bread baked will change every week. The price for a 4-week subscription including delivery is 14 000 CFA.*

Plan No. 2:
A 1-kilo loaf of bread delivered every Monday and Friday (2 breads a week). The type of bread baked will change every week. The price for a 4-week subscription including delivery is 27 000 CFA.


Delivery is available to Mamelles, Ouakam, Mermoz, Almadies, Ngor, and Point E. A pick-up option for those who live in other areas is available: please inquire.

Special orders available for larger quantities.

We leaven our breads with wild yeast (levain) to unlock the nutrients within whole grains. Our breads feature a substantial crust and a moist crumb; we aim to balance sweet, salty, sour and bitter flavors. Each bread should last up to 6 days, provided they are kept in a breathable enclosure (e.g. paper bag, or optimally a locally woven basket). DO NOT REFRIGERATE OR PUT IN A PLASTIC BAG. If you would like to save your bread for additional time, try slicing it first and then freezing it inside a plastic bag.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 5.52.26 PM

In the coming weeks, we will be featuring the following breads:
Sprouted Einkorn (petit épeautre), Kamut, our House Bread (made with
whole grain Kamut, Spelt, Wheat, and Rye), and Wheat Bread with oat porridge.

Special note/apology to Celiac sufferers: Although our breads are naturally low in glutens, we will not be making gluten-free breads.



    • Hi Dirka

      You can call Sam for information and directions. (His phone number is listed in the post.) He makes bread on certain days, so you’d need to work out a pick-up time if you don’t live in the delivery areas.


  1. does sam still make the bread and is interested in selling it? I have been trying to call him for several weeks and the phone was always turned off. also, email did not work. I even bought a nice “brotschneidemaschine” in germany and now I have no bread to cut with it 😦

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