Ali Baba’s opens in Ngor

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Old school Dakarois have known (and loved) Ali Baba’s Lebanese fast-food in downtown Dakar since 1986. And as of last week, they’ve opened a new location in Ngor near La Graine d’Or. If you drive from Virage towards Almadies, you can’t miss their big, green sign on the right.

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We tested it out and are very, very happy to report that our lunch order came quickly, correctly and was very good. This will definitely become a new go-to (or call for take-out), especially now that the Turkish restaurant in Mermoz has closed.

Their menu includes Lebanese specialities such as chawarmas, mezze, hummus, moutabal, tabouleh, falafel, etc… as well as pizzas, saldas, burgers, crepes, paninis and more.

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The lunch crowd was surprisingly large for a new restaurant and their reputation is obviously quite a draw. The only downsides I’d say are that the servers (while perfectly adequate) are not a very smiling, energetic bunch and when we arrived there was a pile of trash by the entrance. That said, as we were ordering the manager arrived and very quickly got on the staff to clean it up and get into gear.

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We ordered beef and chicken chawarmas, which came with the usual fries stuffed in the wrap. Both were delicious, but if you’re not familiar with a chicken chawarma, it’s good to know that it comes with different seasonings, sauce and veggies than the beef. But again – both are delicious! If you’ve never had one, I recommend the chawarma viande royal (2000cfa) which is a beef wrap sandwich with the addition of a fried egg and cheese. For extra yum-factor, add some sauce piment!

Ali Baba (Ngor-Almadies)
Restaurant: 33 868 8181
To order for delivery: 33 868 8686

(Click to images view the menu full-size.)

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  1. The meal was great, and your write-up spot on. The only thing I’d add is that for those who don’t care for horseradish, they might want to ask for a different sauce on the chicken chawarmas. I’m not fond of horseradish but otherwise it was delicious.

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