Tips for eating gluten-free in Dakar

The American Food Store and Dior Diarama have a corn tortilla mix (different then just corn flour) that is great! I’ve taught my house-helper to make the corn tortillas and then freeze them. They are very time-consuming and not as easy to make as flour tortillas. I use them to make an enchilada casserole and as personal-size pizza crust.

At many stores (Hypermarché and CityDia)they carry gluten-free boxed cookies. I like the chocolate ones for making pie crusts.

Maggi Arome liquid seasoning is a great gluten-free substitute for soy sauce.

Almond flour (1kg for 9,000cfa – expensive, but worth it) can be purchased at Patisen downtown. If you order enough from them, they will deliver.

Gluten-free chocolate chips can be purchased at Omega 3. They are the mini chocolate chips and come in a 7-kilo box.

Quinoa can be purchased at CityDia. (Some of it has traces of gluten so read labels).

The only corn starch that I have found to be gluten free is Maizena- if you find it, buy lots because it comes and goes. (Just seen at CityDia Mermoz!)

The best corn flour that I have found is at Hypermarché. It is in a clear plastic package and is very fine. Great for making corn bread.

Read labels very carefully. There are somethings that you would think are gluten-free, but they have traces!

Thank you, Mindie! Anyone else have tips to share with us?



  1. Buckwheat flour comes and goes at Casino… I am looking for a plant based non-soy protein powder right now. Hemp or brown rice. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. The American Store in the Almadies has Chex cereals which are gluten free! I saw some almond milk packs (small cartons) there the other day too. Found rice based snacks (cheese flavor, wasabi flavor, BBQ flavor) at City Dia. The cheese flavor rice snack was great.Rice noodles, plain white rice, potatoes are also an easy way of going gluten-free. So far, the hardest part of going gluten and dairy-free is getting the cook/housekeeper to understand why I don’t want lasagna or spaghetti anymore!

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