The long-lost wonder ingredient

Growing up as an expat kid in West Africa, there were some things that my parents always brought over from the US. Kraft macaroni and cheese and Oreos, to name a couple. But we can get these in Dakar now (thank you, Dior Diarama and others!).

I’ve recently discovered that there’s one ingredient that used to be considered a staple to be brought over from the US but somehow seems to have fallen off the radar. Maple flavoring.

I brought it over thinking everyone else did too, but if you’re one who hasn’t, I’d recommend it highly! Just a little tiny bottle will last a long time and can be used in many ways:

– added to white sugar to make ‘brown sugar’
– added to sugar syrup to make ‘pancake syrup’
– added to homemade country sausage (yum!)
– added to peanut brittle and other candy recipes

Anyone else use it in other ways? Or have other ‘wonder ingredients’ that we should know about?


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