Pizza Box in Dakar (CLOSED)

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There’s a new pizza in town and it’s a little, well, out of the box!

Located in Yoff, this Italian-owned restaurant is bringing something new to Dakar’s food scene: pizza by the square slice made with a soft dough and topped with real mozzarella and toppings imported from Italy. Another something new: the price! Slices start at 500cfa at their pizzeria.

Pizza Box is open for lunch and dinner, and deliveries are available through Hellofood Senegal.

Okay Dakar Eats readers, who wants to give it a try and send us your review? 🙂 

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“We love Italy and our tradition, which includes food, drink, architecture, etc. That’s why we decided to open a shop which is half pizzeria and half show room of italian furnitures (kitchens, sofas, bedrooms, offices, etc.).” — Director Pamela Camerin

Read an article (French) on Pizza Box’s opening from GFM here.

Pizza Box
Lot 7 cité Biagui
Route de l’aeroport
Tel: 33 865 24 23

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One comment

  1. We ate there on Sunday for lunch. It was great and definitely worth a try! The generously sized rectangular slices are 1000 cfa to 1300 cfa (not 500 cfa but still inexpensive). They’re closed on Mondays and open 11am to midnight the rest of the week. It is very, very close to the airport – as you head towards Yoff (away from Ngor) from the airport, it is very quickly on the left hand side of the road, so you need to go past it to the first roundabout to turn around and come back to it. We’ll definitely be back for more.

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