Today at CityDia Mermoz

A first! Fresh cherries in Dakar. Another first… seeing cherries at 15,000cfa/kilo. (!!)
Instead, I splurged at the cheese counter. Cheddar, smoked goat cheese (nature, with herbs, with pimento…) and Gouda in five varieties. Mmm…
Frozen turkeys by the local Label Bleu. Most were in the 22,000-25,000cfa range. (But if you really want a turkey, call Poulet Express. They have fresh ones at 5000/kilo and will deliver to you.)
Broccoli and artichokes. The broccoli looked good, but the artichokes had (hopefully) seen better days.
Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 12.35.02 PM
CityDia is currently running a holiday special in which you get a scratch-off card for every 5000 cfa spent. If your scratching-off reveals you should ‘retentez’, the cards be be upcycled into lovely Christmas ornaments!

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  1. Hello everyone a question a little out of context I need help finding an american notary I need to sign some papers before a notary but it has to be an american notary cuz I am going to need to send the papers back to the U.S. Actually it is for a car I am selling and need to do a title transfer please help is there one in Dakar or should I go tho the U.S. Embassy. Thanks for your help and sorry for the “intrusion”. And did I really read 15000 cfa for a kilo of cherries :-000000

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