Gobble, gobble! Get your turkeys here!

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 12.25.08 PMPoulet Express
Also known as ‘the place that hasn’t run out of chicken’, Poulet Express is raising turkeys for November and December and will deliver them fresh. 5,500/kg. Call to reserve your bird. 33 842 9686 or 33 821 5888.

Nichole’s turkeys
Home-raised turkeys started on a chick starter feed from day one. Now they eat a high protein mixture of local grains with corn and hard boiled eggs. They also have daily vitamins. They had antibiotics at 16 days old to prevent marecks disease. They see a vet and are in good health. While they won’t be as large as butterballs, they are well-cared for and will be the right size for a family dinner. 5,500/kg. Reserve your bird by contact Nbienia@gmail.com or 77 366 89 11 and they will be delivered fresh.

Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. I’m curious what “delivered fresh” means in this context? Alive? Freshly butchered? With or without head and feet?

  2. From a Dakar Eats readers:

    “I have just ordered a turkey from a lady in Louga. She says they have 4-5 more available. They will bring mine down next week so if anyone else wants to order, they are welcome. She says: They grew without hormones picking grains on our ground. We sell by the kilo without feathers 5.000 CFA. Our telephone is 77 524 42 22, email: hanne.diaw@web.de.”

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