Milmaïs bakery opens in Dakar

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bread-lover. But after six years in France, I don’t just love any bread. I want my bread to be free of chemicals, but still have character. So when I got an email (in perfect English, no less) from Mr. Ba about his family’s new bakery opening in Dakar promising original flavors that highlight local ingredients and the end of boredom with breads currently available on the shelves, well how could I resist? And for that matter, how could my family and our neighbors resist?

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Mr. Ba delivered a selection of Milmaïs breads and shared with us a bit about his family’s background in the restaurant industry, their desire to reduce sugar, fat and salt in their recipes and to promote local products and their commitment to quality.

As we were talking, the scent of the breads was enticing me and I got more and more excited about what this family is doing. It’s one thing to have a really great idea – but it’s another to actually pull it off. They had nailed the presentation and the breads were certainly beautiful… but how would they taste?

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I called in reinforcements (friends in the neighborhood) and we got to work tasting, discussing, sampling… The breads tasted even better than I’d hoped. Each one was different and deserved a spot on their menu. Some were soft and gently sweet, others were more structured with bolder flavors. It was amazing to try so many varieties of bread and with each new slice, it was a new experience.

We unanimously agreed that not a single one of the breads needed butter, honey or anything added to it. The high quality ingredients, carefully crafted recipes and freshness were discernible in each loaf. As one taster put it, “If eating healthy always tasted this good, I’d be a lot healthier!”

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After nibbling and scribbling our way through the morning, there was one concluding thought: pricing. Yes, we all agreed the bread was great, but would it be priced so high that it wasn’t practical? (That would have been a real bummer.)

I was very pleased when Mr. Ba sent me their flyer and pricing list. Their prices are actually below what I’d been thinking (shhh, don’t tell Milmais!) and very reasonable.

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So now you’re hungry, right? You’re in luck! Milmaïs bakery is up and running – and they deliver anywhere in Dakar. You can download the Milmaïs menu here or browse below. For those looking for low-gluten breads, their menu is a gold mine.

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Tasting tray/gift
Selection of 10 breads 5,000F

Breakfast delights
– Ditax milk bread 900F
– Naajo (pumpkin) milk bread 800F
– Sideem (jujube) milk bread 800F
– Pataas (sweet potato) milk bread 700F

Breads with local nuts
– Sipo (corn & sorghum) bread with Cayor nuts 1.000F
– Caaf (millet) bread – roasted nuts 700F
– Aareen (corn) bread – fresh peanuts 700F

Health and well-being products
– Bran bread fonio & nebedaay (moringa) 500F
– Whole sanxal bread 700F
– Bran bread with millet, corn or fonio 700F
– Whole red sorghum bread 700F

Milmaïs products are 100% natural, without additives, coloring or preservatives.

Orders are delivered on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Phone: 76 680 8528


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