Churrascaria Brasil

A large selection of grilled meats.

If that got your attention, you need to head to the Churrascaria Brasil buffet in Fann Hock.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings: 7900 CFA
Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings: 8900 CFA
Saturday and Sunday lunch: 8900 CFA


The buffet includes…

A variety of chilled salads
Green salad, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber with vinaigrette, cornichons and pickled onions, green beans, zucchini with balsamic vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette and herbes de provence, mixed vegetables, peas and seasonal specialties.

Hot sides
Rice, green beans, pasta, onion sauce, farofa (a Brazilian specialty), fries, and also fried eggplant, fried fish, sweet potato fries, fried bananas, etc… depending on the season.

And the reason you came, the main course
Grilled meats in the Brazilian a gogo-style served at your table. We offer a wide selection of beef cuts as well as sausages, chicken and pork.


Churrascaria Brasil
7 rue Fila, Fann Hock (near the Hotel Djolof)
Tel: 33 8210032 or 77 5230492

You can find the Churrascaria Brasil, and other good-to-knows, on the Dakar Eats map below.



  1. When we lived in Dakar in the 80s, we used to look out to sea and say “Brazil is over there.” Then we moved to Recife, Brazil. We loved the food in both places. Now, I see my worlds are colliding. Cool blog!

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