A round of applause, please…

A few noteworthy food experiences we’ve had in Dakar lately. Please add your own too!

Le Maquis des Allées in Amitié 2, you made this Ivorian-at-heart so happy. The poulet choukouya with attieke and aloco was incredible. (Yes, the wait was long, but what a great atmosphere to wait in!)

Shady Shack, your Sunday lunch special made my week. Grilled chicken with garlic sauce, spicy garlic potatoes, fattoush salad, hummus and pita… all for 5,000 cfa.

– M.E., your Facebook post about finding halloumi cheese really inspired me. It’s true that sometimes finding our favorite American food items is a challenge, but here in Dakar we have great opportunities to discover other specialties from around the world. Thanks for the reminder. I took it as a personal challenge to try some new things, and hope others will too.

– Little blue nem stand at the Hann-Maristes round point, ten years later and you’re still as good as ever. (Tip #1: buy the larger size nems. More yummy filling for your cfa. Tip #2: Buy extras. Let them cool, then freeze them. They reheat beautifully in the broiler.)

Marie’s whole wheat tortillas are… wow. They’re light and soft and store well in the fridge. We’ve been eating them every day. And with a little prodding from a Dakar Eats reader (yes, you Mme K.H.), Marie is going to start making bagels soon as well!

– Restaurants and specialty food shops with Facebook pages and Instagram accounts that you actually update and use – thank you! Here are some of my favorites, but would love to know of more to follow.





– I think I’m going to win the contest for being Diami‘s most faithful client. Every time she delivers, we get to talking about other meals she makes (like that yassa dish with lotte fillets and fresh shrimp on vermicelli noodles) and I wind up ordering another round on the spot. Tomorrow is mafé poulet night around here!

Now it’s your turn! What’s made your food-world in Dakar go ’round these days?“>


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  1. Presse-Cafe makes my world go round. Small latte with brown sugar please and I’m happy, happy, happy. And the breakfast has to be the best in town. And it’s Canadian!!

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