Peanut, peanut butter… and brittle!

I should have guessed that people would get excited about the peanut butter in the previous post. That’s definitely a key item in every American kitchen and one that’s hard to stock up on over here without taking out a loan. Now the peanut butter I buy is not ‘American style’, but oh wow, is it good. I even took some back to the US this summer so I could keep eating it!

Véronique's peanut brittle

Véronique not only makes the best, lightest, creamiest peanut butter in town (for a bargain, en plus, only 2000cfa/kilo), she also makes beautiful peanut brittle for 2000cfa/big jar. It’s delicious. Crispy and fresh, not sticky or overly sugary. And it makes great gifts. 

UPDATE: sugared peanuts or roasted and lightly salted also available!

Call 72 hours in advance to order peanut butter and/or brittle, made fresh in her very clean kitchen. Véronique speaks French, English, Wolof or Diola.

77 537 2737

Delivery fee: 1500cfa



  1. I just arrived in Dakar and have enjoyed the wealth of information on your blog. Seeing as this post was originally from 3 years ago, I wanted to check to see if the information was still current.

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