My top 5

Which five grocery items do you really, really appreciate in Dakar?

For example, if these disappeared off the shelves tomorrow, you would be seriously, seriously bummed. I’ll tell you what mine are…


– Calvé brand mayonnaise. I grew up on this Dutch brand and it’s my favorite in the whole world.

– Ardo brand lait caillé nature. It’s the creamiest, thickest and best of all the plain yogurts. We eat it plain, with sugar, with jam, with herbs, strained to make Greek-style yogurt, strained even more to make sour cream or as a buttermilk substitute in recipes.

– CityDia’s Clementine juice. It’s no Tropicana, but for a UHT citrus juice, it’s pretty good. Chill well before serving.

– Veronique’s PB. This one is not on a shelf, per se, but my friend Veronique makes THE BEST all-natural peanut butter. So light and creamy. Delicious. And only 1500 cfa/kilo. (I buy five kilos at a time.) If you want her contact info, leave a message below with your email address.

– Sriracha chili sauce. Only 700 cfa at Hypermarché Exclusive. Can’t beat it.


So what’s on your list? Which five grocery items are very thankful to find in Dakar these days?



  1. I’d like Veronique’s email address, please. We consume a lot of imported PB from Dior Diarama, but would be open to trying hers, at least for cooking and baking. Do you know much about the level of aflotoxins in her peanut butter as opposed to others? (Have you heard much about that and the higher incidence of cancer linked to consumption of local peanuts?).

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