New supermarket chain in Dakar!

Speaking of new stores popping up in Dakar, I’ve heard that a brand new chain has arrived on scene. It’s called Atac and so far I’ve heard of a location in Plateau and one on the same road as the Citydia Point E, further south down les 2 allées, on the left side just next to the Total fuel station by the roundabout. See map below.

They are still adding products to their stock, but the really good news is that they carry a lot of products from Auchan (the French supermarket) and many of them are cheaper than Casino. According to the ever wonderful Wikipedia, “The idea of the Atac concept, was a supermarket which was near bare, with no frills and low prices. One of their slogans was ‘ATAC, attack prices’.”

Thanks for the info, Julien! Check it out if you are in the area and let us know what you think!



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