Guinness and wasabi, please.

Yesterday was a productive day for Dakar Eats. In the morning, a newcomer to our lovely city contacted us via Facebook to ask where to find wasabi. Within a couple hours, several people replied with helpful comments, tips and suggestions.

Also that morning, I received an email from someone looking for Guinness in Dakar. And then that afternoon got an email back from a friend (you know, that one guy who knows where to find everything in Dakar!) with this info:

“The place where I bought Guinness one time before was at a place that sells cokes and beer and such. It is across the street from an Ivorian Restaurant. It is not something they carry all the time, but maybe you will get lucky.”

And he even sent a map:

Thanks to all who have asked questions and a BIG thank you to those who replied! You guys make Dakar Eats possible …and fun for me!



  1. Thank you so much for the info. It’s the store across from the Ivorian restaurant OBV. Unfortunately, they haven’t had Guinness in months, they said the supplier just stopped, no known reason. The search continues….

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