Amazing paella (& more) in Yoff

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If you’ve seen me in person this week, you’ve probably already heard me babbling on about our lunch in Yoff last Sunday. Following a Facebook message from a lovely woman named Blanca, we went to Hôtel Ocean to try Paloma’s paella and arroz negro.

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Paella variations from week to week may be with seafood, mixta (seafood and chicken) or meat (chicken, veal and pork). The arroz negro (black rice) is made with seafood and squid and their ink gives the black colour and “sea” flavor. I loved it. Loved both, actually. And you can split your plate half-paella, half-arroz negro if you want.

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The ambiance is very nice and relaxing, very laid back and casual. You can swim, sunbathe, then eat in your bathing suit. There are kids and adults, many Spanish, of course, but also French, Sengalese, Lebanese and as of last week… American! Swimming and lounging at the pool is complimentary with your meal.

Picture 5

The view is great from the swiming pool, but even better from the big terrace were you can enjoy a wonderful sunset.

Paloma cooks just in front of the swiming pool, so it’s an outdoor lunch in the shade of the terrace.

Note the meal is served at 2pm on Sundays only. (This is great for those of us with kiddos who nap mid-day!)

Picture 3

The price is 5000 cfa/plate. Drinks and desserts are ordered from the hotel and are at have normal prices: Coke 1000 cfa, beer 1500, coffee 1000 cfa, desserts 2500-4000 cfa.

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Reservations are required, but we called at 9am on Sunday and it was still do-able.

To reserve, call Paloma (French / Spanish) at 77 814 9331.

We’ll probably be there when you go!

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  1. Is this the hotel that has a courtyard in middle and rooms on 2 floors. Thenif you go down from courtyard there is a nice inside restaurant?

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