Best coffee date in Dakar for parents… Zippyland!

Yes, you’re right. Dakar Eats is usually reserved for topics related to, well… eating. Keep reading though. You’ll see the link.


I have to admit that I went expecting not to be impressed with Zippyland. I mean really, most kids’ play areas around here have worn-out equipment with rusty nails and broken swings. And most things that are nice and clean cost an arm and a chubby toddler leg.

But I was invited to come review Zippyland so I went with (what I hoped was) an open mind.

I loved it. Better yet, my son loved it! So much so that I convinced my husband to take us there as a family the very next day. Six thumbs up from us!


The main play area is an outdoor playground with a wide variety of swings, riding toys and (safe) trampoline. There’s actual grass and the layout is such that you can sit on the terrace and enjoy an ocean breeze and a really good café au lait while your kids play. The rest of the menu features crêpes, paninis and sandwiches and light snacks and drinks.


The upstairs indoor play area is really quite large. (The photos really don’t do it justice. But at least you can get a preview of part of it!) Ball pit, slides, climbing areas, tunnels… All clean and in excellent condition.



From the moment you arrive, kind and attentive staff take care of your kids as much or as little as you’d like. I was really impressed by how well they interacted with the children – entertaining and engaging, but not forcing it if the kid wasn’t interested. Of course, if you want to get out there and play with your kids, you’re welcome to do so and they’ve even added new games and activities recently for those who do.


But on this lovely Saturday morning, my husband and I just wanted to enjoy our cafés in the shade while the wee one ran around having the time of his life for 3,000cfa/hour. Best of both worlds, I’d say.

On the Zippyland Facebook page and website you’ll find lots of information on their rates (hourly, passes, parties, craft workshops, movies in their adorable theatre…) and also the exercise classes offered for women in the upstairs gym – all brand new and with an awesome ocean view from an air-conditioned workout area. They are also offering a summer day camp that families who will be around the next months may want to check out.


Regular hours for the play areas are 9am to 7pm. Grab your date (don’t forget the kids!) and head on over. We’ll probably see you there!



    • Hi Marianne

      For the kids’ play area (what we did) it’s 3000cfa/hour. For what you get, it’s a great price. Parties, classes and workshops are all priced separately and the info is on their website.

  1. I am so happy they have this. When I lived their the kids had magicland and the tramploni on the way downtown. But it was nothing for my 1 yr old at the time. When we visit this summer we definelty have to go, thanks for the review.

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