Tamales, get your tamales!

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Ladies and gentlemen, Dakar’s food scene just took a huge step in a delicious direction. Whenever I ask what’s missing from the Dakar food scene, Americans consistently agree that the number one answer is Mexican food.

Now available in Dakar: homemade tamales!


Sariah makes and sells authentic chicken, beef and lamb tamales. Seasoned meat wrapped in a flavorful cornmeal dough, then steamed in a corn husk.

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Tamales are available in packages of six for 6,000cfa. Delivery of frozen can be arranged for most areas and plans are in the works for a ‘stop by and pick up fresh, hot tamales’ day each month.


These tamales are great for a quick weeknight dinner, lunch on the go, taking to a family just settling in, or like we did… having pot-luck Tex-Mex night! (On a side note for parents, my toddler loves them.)

Dakar Tamales: 77 536 5580

For large orders (think parties, events and socials), please order one week in advance.

More information is available on the Dakar Tamales Facebook Page.


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