Two new Korean restaurants in Dakar

Today’s post was contributed by Shinae. If you know Shinae, you know that she knows good food!

I would like to introduce two newly opened Korean restaurants in Dakar.

Shabat offers traditional Korean food like Bulgogi (marinated beef with soy sauce), Chapchae (crystal noodle with veggies and beef), Kimchee Jjigae (kimchee casserole with tofu and pork) and Deonjang Jjigae (fermented bean paste casserole with tofu), to name a few as well, as some salads and some international dishes.

They also sell pre-made kimchee, tofu and other Korean side dishes on demand.

Some delivery options are available, but I personally like dining in because they give generous portions of side dishes.

Tel: 33-820-8380 (French or Korean)

Hours: Opens at noon for lunch, 7pm for dinner. Buffet dinners on weekends will start soon. Open on Sundays and closed on Mondays.

Directions: From the new US Embassy, turn first left immediately after King Fahd, then go about half mile. Shabat will be on your left.

La Corée offers one of the best sushi and sashimi in town (in my personal opinion, of course!). They also have famous Korean style fried chicken with or without sauce, Bulgogi (marinated beef and pork), warm noodle with sea food, Ddeonjang Jjigae (fermented bean paste casserole with tofu), Pajeon (seafood pancakes) and assorted tempuras. They also offer set menu for groups (minimum of 4 people).

La Coree delivers from Fenêtre Mermoz to Almadies with nominal fee. They intend to offer lunch boxes soon.

Tel: 77-637-9000 (the owner, Mr Heo, speaks English, French and Korean)
Hours: Opens at noon for lunch, 7pm for dinner. Open 7 days/week.
Directions: literally on Marmelles roundpoint



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