Planet Kebab – a great find in Plâteau!

Today’s post was a great thing to receive in my inbox from Amanda. Thanks for the information, write-up and photos!

A friend and I were roaming around in Plâteau last night and came across a really nice, possibly new, restaurant. It was like a little slice of America with the clean décor, fast service and simple menu.

Picture 7

Planet Kebab is at the intersection of Lamine Gueye and Rue Carnot, and you can’t miss the black and yellow signage. They have a great menu of sandwiches/wraps, salads and burgers. There are small and large options to the sandwiches, which would make it a great lunch option.

Photo from Planet Kebab's Facebook Page
Photo from Planet Kebab’s Facebook Page

The service was very fast and a number of the employees spoke English. My friend had the large Americano sandwich, which was basically 4 small hamburger patties on really good bread (panini-like minus the grilling). I had the small Chicken Cheese which was 2 breaded chicken patties with emmental. Both of us had fries and a drink and the grand total for our dinner was 5,600cfa. Can’t beat that!!

This place is in such a neat little neighborhood, too. As we were walking to the restaurant, we found a number of super nice clothing boutiques, shoe stores, and a nice looking baby store. This would be an interesting area to explore a bit more.

Just wanted to share this with Dakar Eats. We will definitely be back soon!

Picture 4 Picture 3 Picture 2 Picture 1

Directions: Head towards the Palace on Rue de Republique. Make a left at Chez Mon Ami, and the restaurant is down a couple of blocks on your left. There was reserved parking in front for customers.

Planet Kebab Afrique
150 avenue Lamine Gueye
Tel: 33 821 11 77
Delivery available.



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