Chicken: delivered.

Last week my friend took me to Poulet Express, a small shop tucked away on a side street near Sandaga. I was just tagging along, but when she said their chicken breasts were only 5,500cfa/kilo, I couldn’t pass that up.

When they brought out my kilo of chicken breasts, I recognized the label as one I’d bought before and really liked. Good price and good quality? Score.

But then it got better. The kind woman behind the counter said something I love to hear. “We deliver.”

I don’t mean to sound jaded, but sometimes ‘delivery’ in Dakar isn’t exactly what we’re used to coming from the land of ‘under-thirty-minutes-or-it’s-free’. So I decided to test it out.

11:28 am
Call Poulet Express. Place order with a very nice man who spoke clearly and politely. Give directions to the delivery guy, who was also friendly. Was told to expect delivery in 30 minutes. No mention of it being free if not 😉


My phone rings. It’s the driver asking for a clarification on the entrance. I hung up, wondering if he had even left Poulet Express yet.

Ding-dong! Apparently he’d been calling from right outside. Delivery in 45 minutes? I’ll take it!


Poulet Express
33 842 9686 or 33 821 5888

Whole chickens: 2,000cfa/kilo
Chicken breasts: 5,500cfa/kilo
Legs: 2,200cfa/kilo
Wings: 1,700cfa/kilo

Delivery fee: 1,000cfa

(At times they also have turkey and fresh eggs. Just ask!)



  1. I tried it today. Took about 2 hours for delivery but I was in no hurry. Better than going out. The chicken were decent size and fresh and there was only a 100CFA delivery tip. Thanks for the good suggestion.

  2. I have ordered from Poulet Express four times. They deliver quality chicken, but it’s always at least four hours late.

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