My favorite restaurants (#11)

People often ask for restaurant recommendations in Dakar. I’m a bit hesitant to do so simply because if there’s one thing that’s consistent about the food scene in Dakar, it’s that it can be inconsistent. So in order to give a nice, well-rounded view of things, I’m asking readers to give their opinions as well. If you’d be willing to participate, please email me!.

Today we’re hearing from Valerie, an American mom of five who enjoys cooking and baking from scratch in her home in St-Louis. But she also enjoys the restaurants of Dakar when they travel down!

Favorite place for a burger and fries: Shady Shack, hands down.

Favorite ice cream: Mami Mia on route de Ouakam. Smooth, creamy, nice atmosphere and doesn’t require a drive downtown.

Favorite ethnic restaurant: Shady Shack’s Lebanese or Le Jardin Thailandais in Point E.

Favorite Senegalese restaurant and/or meal: We don’t eat Senegalese food out ever. However my friend in Dakar makes the most amazing thiou. Long grain white rice with a spicy tomato onion sauce, fish, and veggies.

Favorite pizza: If I had to choose, I’d say Pizza Inn, but I usually can’t justify buying pizza out when I can make three times as much at home for the same price and it tastes better.

(Editor’s note: Hmm… sounds like Valerie should do a guest post on making pizza from scratch!)

Favorite breakfast or brunch: La Galette bakery downtown with a full restaurant upstairs. Best omelette I’ve had here, maybe anywhere. Good prices, great service, nice Western feel atmosphere

Favorite splurge: Le Lodge in Les Almadies

If I were stranded on a deserted island and could have only one of Dakar’s restaurants, it would be: Shady Shack

What is missing from the Dakar food scene? Mexican.

Thanks, Valerie! (Now about that pizza post…)


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