Presse Café on January 24th!


By now you’ve probably heard about the recent opening of a Presse Café franchise in Dakar. (No? Well here you go.)

We went today for the first time and were totally blown away. If you haven’t been yet, Thursday would be a great chance to do so! Because of the holiday, there will be hardly any traffic on the roads. And their menu includes a wide variety for the whole family. Lattes, freddos (iced coffees), muffins, bagels with REAL Philadelphia cream cheese, smoothies, wraps, presswiches…


Here are some of the questions I’ve been getting.

Q: Is it really worth trying?
Yes. No question. Grab a friend, grab another friend and y’all get down there asap. (You’re welcome in advance.) Don’t worry. Presse Café is surprisingly large and spacious. There’s room for us all!

Q: Is it expensive?
For what you’re getting in terms of quality, freshness and selection in Dakar – nope. You’re looking at 1500-2500cfa for a great coffee drink that’s not skimpy on size. You pay the same at the Radisson for a smaller coffee and an ocean view. But you don’t go to Presse Café for an ocean view. You go for a coffeeshop feel, free wifi and – best of all – a quick escape to North America.

Q: But is the coffee good?
Absolutely. It’s ground to order, espresso shots pulled and milk frothed right there in front of you. It was delicious. I was very, very impressed. (And I’m not the only one!)

Q: Okay, how do I get there?
It’s on the way downtown, just after you get on rue de la République from the Corniche. You know where the gas station is at the split? It’s just there on the left. Look for the red and white sign and the big terrace.

Presse Café – Dakar
77 333 21 24 or 33 821 05 79
Located at the corner of Boulevard des Madeleines and Avenue Carnot. Find it on the Dakar Eats map.








  1. i totally agree , i was waiting for it to open since i saw the sign and gladly,i was not disappointed .. i’m already addicted to it .. go try it people,totally worth it !!! :):)

  2. Definitely worth a visit and another visit and another visit… Their Chai Latte is made from real black tea bags and milk and spices — not a mix like Starbucks. The service was amazing. The barista was attentive, friendly (made eye contact!) and was even patient with my French. I felt like I was transported to another place.

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