Presse Café, now in Dakar!

Café Presse in Dakar
Presse Café in Dakar. Photo by Kaylyn J.

This was a beautiful message to read on my Facebook wall.

I found a cafe and I think you would like it. I don’t know if you have ever been there…Presse cafe. Have you gone? It’s on the end of Rue de la Republique right before you get on the Corniche. You turn at the street right before the end next to an Oil Libya sign. Anyway it kind of reminded me of Starbucks and it’s Canandian. Their muffins were super good!

Oh, this is such good news! I wasn’t familiar with Presse Café, but their site explains that it is, “the right concept that brings together the taste of the North American culture (our roots are Canadian!) and the local touch, which makes it sweet to all customers.” What’s not to love?

Coffees, coffee drinks, tea drinks, sandwiches, salads… Just take a look at their menu. You can find more details on their Facebook page. Which is where I found this mouth-watering photo of one of their famous “Presswiches” (gourmet sandwiches pressed on the grill).:

Photo by Presse Café
Photo by Presse Café

I am so there ASAP.

Presse Café – Dakar
77 333 21 24 or 33 821 O5 79
Located at the corner of Boulevard des Madeleines and Avenue Carnot (across from the ‘immeuble des eaux’). Find it on the Dakar Eats map.



  1. I’m a dork and always search #Dakar on instagram just to see what’s up, and I kept seeing pictures of this place over the weekend. So we found it and LOVED it! Closest thing to Starbucks I’ve seen here, lattes, chai, mochas, etc. They also sell whole bean coffee. (And cans of maple syrup for 10,000 cfa)

  2. When we were in the US recently, I got some Starbucks VIA packets to bring back with me to Dakar. They came with a little recipe flyer for all kinds of coffee drinks. I’m not pretending that Nescafé is VIA – not even for a second. But I do think these recipes are a good way to make Nescafé taste pretty good!

  3. Hey Jean-Luc, ce mot “PRESSE” fera vraiment partie de ravie ! Sauf que maintenant tu la joues Cool ! Amitiés !

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