Grits, Senegal-style!


Remember my friends who made Krystal’s burgers here in Dakar? They’re at it again. But this time they made grits! Those of you non-Southerners out there probably couldn’t care less. But for us Southerners, this is great news. Here’s the Russells’ recipe:

I used about 1/2 package of millet sankal (200g) and about 2 liters of water (just eyeing it, didn’t measure). Boil the water with about 2 tsp salt (again just sprinkled it in, didn’t measure), and stirred the millet into the boiling water and cooked on low for 30 minutes. After, I put a lot of butter, maybe 3 tblsp. That’s what makes Southern Cooking good!

I’ve used the rice powder (ground white rice) from Hypermarché Exclusif before. Anyone else had luck with an alternative grits option?



  1. You can buy all kinds of packaged sankal. There is corn sankal (which is what we all know as grits, or of you get the bigger variety, hominy), sorghum sankal, millet sankal. In addition to supermarches, these can also be bought at some boutiques. Sankal is just the bits and pieces of grain that have been broken by pounding or milled.

  2. I sweetened my bowl of “grits” because I like to eat sweet malt-o-meal or cream of wheat. If you find the local grain fonio, it makes a really good fake cream of wheat. That’s harder to find in Dakar than Tamba, though.

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