15 minutes of constructive griping

I really try to keep Dakar Eats focused on the positives. But I’ve had a couple experiences over the past year that were really just sub-par. So while I don’t want to give those too much attention, I do think these deserve their 15 minutes in the spotlight. My friend said, “I heard you’re writing a mean Dakar Eats.” Hopefully it’s not mean, but constructive. Here are some ways to improve!

– A tortilla is a flatbread made from corn or wheat. It is NOT the same as pita bread. So if your menu says your fajitas and wraps come in a tortilla, I expect a tortilla. (I’m talking to you, Happy Days at Sea Plaza and Caesar’s at Mermoz.)

– Owner of La pâtisserie des Ambassades in Point E, it is not good business to demand that a frequent customer go out into the street to find change in order to pay for her purchase. (You never know, that customer may friends with the writer of Dakar Eats…)

Aux Fins Palais, we’d heard such great things about your breakfast menu! But it was a huge disappointment. If I’m paying 2700cfa for a three-egg omelette with ham, I expect HAM. Not beef ham that tastes like bologna. Also, that 1,000cfa plate of olives that were straight from a can were a let-down. I’ve had much better quality olives as free apéros in other restaurants in the same price range.

CityDia, we love; love, love your customer service and the friendliness and helpfulness of your staff. Hypermarché and Casinos, take note. You’re losing customers to CityDia for that very reason.

Pizza Inn restaurants in Yoff and Point E, make up your minds on where your delivery zones are and are not. Ouakam residents are getting the run-around. Also, tell your delivery guys to stop jacking up the prices in addition to the 500cfa delivery fee. We’re onto them.

Any other constructive gripes you want to share?

The next post will be on some recent highlights and good experiences to get us back on a positive track. 🙂



  1. Gruyere is NOT mozzarella (or parmesan for that matter). Orange “American” singles are NOT cheddar. Menus can be so deceiving here!

  2. Sea Plaza Happy Days has started using wheat tortillas as of at least last month – I got a fajita and insisted on seeing whether they used real tortillas, and they did!

  3. I second the Emmental on pizzas, yuck! Also, when Little Buddha seats a group of 10, serves you drinks, then tells you they are out of fish and are only serving shrimp tempura.

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