Caesar’s: 2nd time’s the charm


The first time I went to Caesar’s in Mermoz, I was not impressed. But, in Caesar’s defense, it was smack middle of hot season and I’d just had a baby. And we were there during the lunch rush.

What did I order? I have no idea. But the whole experience was ‘ugh’.

So today when my friend suggested Caesar’s for lunch, it took a little gentle arm-twisting to get me on board. But when we arrived, the lunch crowd was reasonable, the restaurant was breezy and cool enough and the food (Kentucky wrap with side of fries, 3000cfa) was amazing! I have not had chicken like that since leaving the US. It wasn’t Chick Fil A, but it was like a really good spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s. Fried chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and a delicious garlicky sauce in pita bread. Really, really good!

Kentucky chicken wrap

Consider me impressed, Caesar.

However, the two servers we interacted with both acted as if they were bored/irritated. That needs to change if you’re going to make it with the Dakar Eats crowd.

The fried chicken section of the menu. Park yourself here.

Caesar’s Mermoz
33 864 55 65 or 77 458 88 88
Delivery rates are 300-1500cfa around Dakar.



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