Starbucks and AWC coffees back in stock!

We are pleased to offer some exceptional coffee beans to the international community! More coffee from the US has arrived in Dakar and is available for pick-up in Fenêtre Mermoz.


First, from Starbucks we have:
1. House Blend whole beans – 11,500 CFA for 2 lb bags

Our second offering is from a really neat micro-roaster called Alliance World Coffees (AWC) based out of Indiana. Please see their site for more details regarding their roasts and you can read a brief history here.

From AWC we have three different roasts:

1. French Roast whole beans – 29,000 CFA for 5 lb bags or 6500 CFA for 1 lb bags

2. Columbia Supremo whole beans – 28,000 CFA for 5 lb bags, 6500 for 1 lb bags

3. Signature Espresso whole beans – 28,000 CFA for 5 lb bags, 6500 for 1 lb bags

Please indicate by email your desired blend and quantity. We have limited quantities, first come first served.

Joell Friesen


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