Restaurant review: Le Layal

Guest post by Jenn, a regular contributor to Dakar Eats and a wonderful blogger.

Last week I was in downtown Dakar with a friend, and after walking for some time in the hot sun, we decided to reward ourselves with a cup of coffee. She said she knew of a place, so I went along.

The restaurant is called Le Layal. At first I didn’t think I would ever be able to find the place again, considering the way we zigzagged through the small streets, but then I realized we were just across the street from CDA (the “meat and cheese place”, as my husband and I call it).

The first thing we noticed as we walked into Le Layal was that it was freezing cold… in a good way! Many places have air conditioning, but not everyone keeps it cold enough. The service was friendly, the food was very good and the cappuccinos were delicious (although very strong!).

For lunch we ordered waps. Not to be confused with “wraps”, although they were essentially the same thing. We laughed a lot as we talked about our wittle waps, which weren’t so little after all. Mine was filled with meat, veggies, cheese and the “wrap” itself was like a thin, crispy, salty crêpe. During our time there, there was a constant flow of people coming and going.

I don’t think I would go downtown just to eat at this restaurant, but if I was downtown, I would definitely swing by for “a capp and a wap”.

Le Layal specializes in Lebanese cuisine and was mentioned in Sharon’s post as having the best burgers in Dakar.

It is located at the corner of 40 rue Dr Thèze and 7 rue de Thiong
in Plateau (downtown).


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