Bringing home the (good) bacon


It never fails. I say to a fellow American expat in Dakar, “I bought some bacon.” And then they ask, “Yeah, but is it good bacon?”

I don’t claim to be bacon connoisseur by any stretch. I like it on my cheeseburgers and for the occasional breakfast compliment. And I think the locally packaged CDA bacon is pretty good. This was recently confirmed by others at a burger cookout and by my rather discerning husband at breakfast today.

TIP: Cook on low heat covered. This isn’t the super greasy US-style bacon, so you’ll want to keep the moisture in.


So yes. I’m going to answer that it is, in fact, good bacon.

You can occasionally find it in grocery stores, but I buy mine from Mirna at Shady Shack (1,200cfa/package of about 6 slices).




  1. Another place for bacon is City Dia. This week they had Jambom cru: fumé de la Foret Noire which is lean with very little fat. 2000 CFA per package, but each package has 10 good size pieces.

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