Aissatou’s Bakery

My friend J. brought over some delicious carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Her secret? Aissatou!

Banana bread

Banana Bread: 1,500 cfa
Banana bread muffins: 100 cfa each
Carrot Cake: 7,000 cfa
Carrot cake cupcakes (about 24): 7,000 cfa
Cinnamon rolls: 150 cfa each
Dinner rolls: 100 cfa each
Loaf of bread: 1,200 cfa
Pizza (made in a large cookie sheet pan): 3,500 cfa
Poulet Yassa (whole chicken, rice, onions, sauce, etc.): 6,000 cfa

Cinnamon rolls

Orders can be picked up on Tuesday mornings and Saturday mornings at the NTM guesthouse in Point E, near UCAD. Call 77 105 62 03 to place your order.



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