Fresh milk, price drop and petition for cheddar


CityDia is now carrying fresh, homogenized ‘real’ milk, both whole and 2%. Look for Daaral brand bottles in the refrigerated section. (I may be mistaken, but I think the 2% used to have a pink cap, but now has a blue one.) A word of advice… once opened, drink up quickly!

Now that UHT milk prices have increased (1200cfa/liter in some places), the fresh milk seems an even better deal. It’s 825cfa/liter at CityDia.

Whole rôtisserie chickens have dropped to 4800cfa each.

And finally…cheddar cheese. CityDia, we loved you for carrying cheddar at a reasonable price when your stores first opened. But now it’s no longer stocked. Please, please bring it back.


Dakar Eats readers

(Sign your name in the comments below and then I’ll send the link to City Dia management.)



  1. I agree about the milk. I no longer use it as it will go off in a day or so.
    Does anyone know where i can find peanut butter or marmite?

    • Hi Steve

      You can find UK brand peanut butter at Hypermarché on the VDN. I think also marmite. It’s on the end aisle near the bakery.

      Dior Diarama carries US peanut butter. I think it’s Skippy brand.

      You can find these stores on the Dakar Eats Google map.

      For natural, local peanut butter, you can find ‘tiggadegue’ in most larger stores. It’s usually with the Senegalese food (dried bissap, sugared peanuts, etc…) or near the tomato paste.

  2. There is also a woman, Marie, who makes homemade American style peanut butter (as well as bagels and a few other things). She sells outside of the International School of Dakar on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons when school is in session.

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