Back by popular demand… downloadable Shady Shack menus

Shady Shack
77-619-06-61 or 77-452-62-01

Catering menu

Customizing the perfect menu begins by listening to our customer’s ideas and pulling from their thoughts while utilizing our professional experience to create a wonderful event. Whatever cuisine you choose, our beautiful presentation will complement it and make your event or party unforgettable.

We can come to you set up a beautifully decorated meal, buffet or reception and you won’t have to do a thing except enjoy!

  • Lebanese and Mexican Buffets are also available.
  • We can modify any of the meals up to your needs. Your ideas are always welcomed.
  • Waiters and barman are also available.
  • We can set up a menu for your event depending on your budget. For any further information about any of the meals please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Brought to you by Chef Shady Nabhan

Lunch menu

Birthday menu

Bread / Meat orders



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