Where to eat in Saint-Louis

Summer has officially started and some American birds have already migrated across the Atlantic. Other of us will be sticking closer to home these next few months, but taking a few trips around Senegal.

Up first… Saint-Louis.

From Lonely Planet – Senegal

I emailed a couple friends who live up there to ask their advice on the restaurant scene. Here are their recommendations…

  • Best ambiance is at Keur Dada. You can eat on dock on the river with view of the bridge. They have a nice pool too. Food is probably the best you will find in Saint-Louis but pricey.
  • For a treat, Hôtel Cap St-Louis has a beautiful view of beach and great food and pool. (It’s on the pricey end, but a little cheaper than Keur Dada.) The Paysane salad is enough for a meal and has chèvre chaud on top – so, so yummy. Their petites légumes are also usually very well done.
  • Nice Burger is the best-priced for good food if you are looking for a cheap meal. You can get a whole rotisery chicken for 4,500-6,000cfa (depending on size) with fries, salad, and bread. Good sized rice plates for 1,200cfa, brochettes for 1,500cfa and burgers starting at 1,200cfa and grilled lamb by the kilo. It is clean, but can get hot and seating is outside so there can be lots of flies. We usually do take out.
  • The two restaurants I frequent the most often are Le Flamingo (which is right over the bridge on the island right on the water with a view of the bridge) and La Louisiane (all the way at the north end of the island and to the left behind the Vietnamese restaurant). Both have good food and atmosphere. On weekends La Louisiane has wood-fired pizza.
  • We like La Layalina for Lebanese.
  • Aux délices du fleuve is one of the only places for breakfast. Make sure you ask for bottled water. They don’t serve filtered if you just ask for a glass.

There you have it! Thanks M., V. and J. for your help. Anyone else have recommendations for restaurants in Saint-Louis to add?



  1. One of our favs here is L’Hotel Residence- they have the best steak (around 7,500cfa and they can make a sauce creme champignon. The mousse aux 3 chocolats is to die for!

  2. Personally I didn’t like keur dada, only the pizzas are good. Hotel Siki’s got a great restaurant with a mix of spanish and local food at good prices.

  3. La Rosa is a great breakfast joint on the island. They also have WIFI and A/C. If you’re in Saint Louis during one of their many power cuts, they have a generator.

    The Vietnamese restaurant is amazing! Kind of pricey, but definitely worth it. The Moroccan restaurant across from the Vietnamese restaurant, also has some flavorful dishes.

    Many people enjoy The Source, found on the mainland of Saint Louis (Sor). It’s tucked down an alley way along the Corniche, near a pharmacy. Really cheap, great atmosphere, and some delicious warthog!

    As stated above Chez Peggy/La Kora has a great selection, their ice cream with salted caramel is plate licking good.

    There is also a hole in the wall charwma joint on the island. It’s right next to the Hotel Residence. The seating area is slim/non-existent but his burgers are worth it. Not only is there the classic egg on the burger, but he goes the extra mile and adds cheese.

    I’d have to say La Layalina is my favorite restaurant in Saint Louis so far.

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