Keur Normand’s home deliveries: dairy products and organic produce

Weekly home deliveries available! The delivery day is based on your location. Contact Willy Baey to place your order. Prices below include delivery fees.

Dairy products: 77 569 88 59
Produce: 77 569 53 28

Fresh dairy products

  • Whole milk, pasteurized: 1 Liter for 1150cfa
  • Semi-skimmed milk, pasteurized: 1 Liter for 1075cfa
  • Crème fraîche (similar to sour cream): 250g for 1450cfa
  • Plain yogurt: 125g for 375cfa
  • Vanilla yogurt: 125g for 400cfa
  • Fromage blanc (creamy soft cheese, consistency of thick yogurt): 400g for 2200cfa
  • Fat-free fromage blanc: 400g for 2200cfa
  • Tomme fromagère (mild, semi-firm cow’s cheese): 1kg for 12,500cfa

NEW! Jams: 150g for 650cfa
Organic mango
Organic papaya-lemon
Organic lemon jam

Strawberries: 250g for 1500cfa, January-July
Strawberries (frozen): 1kg for 5,000cfa, year-round
Tahitian limes: 1kg for 500-1,000cfa, year-round
Grapefruit: 1kg for 700cfa, year-round
Organic mango: 1kg for 750cfa, late May-mid-August
Organic mango (frozen cubes): 1kg for 2,500cfa, year-round
Organic papaya: 1kg for 800cfa, year-round
Organic blackberries: 200g for 2,000cfa, March-April

Organic roquette: 150g for 1,200cfa, year-round
Organic mesclun: 150g for 1,200cfa, year-round
Lamb’s lettuce: 150g for 1,200cfa, year-round
Organic pourpier: 150g for 1,200cfa
Romaine lettuce: 800cfa per head, April-June
Thai green peppers: 150g for 1,200cfa
Butternut squash: 1 kilo for 700cfa, December-April
Baby spinach: 150g for 1,200cfa, starting end of December
Fennel bulbs: 1kg for 2,500cfa, starting in April
Organic leeks: 1kg for 1,500cfa, year-round
Organic cabbage: variable pricing per season
Organic chou rave: 1kg for 2,000cfa, available March-April
Organic cauliflower: variable pricing per season
Organic broccoli: 1kg for 2,500cfa, available March-April
Organic cherry tomatoes: 150g for 900cfa, year-round

Organic herbs: 300-400cfa
Thai basil (year-round)
Dill (seasonal)
Thyme (year-round)



  1. I just want to comment here that while I love their products, we have been weekly customers for 3 years now, I have been very frustrated lately with their service!!!!! They have repeatedly come without our full order and made the promise to bring the rest the following day and then never show up with the rest. When we call to ask them they tell us we can’t have it till the next delivery day when they were the ones not to fill the paid for order!!!! We have had this experience repeatedly! So while they have a great product they really NEED to improve customer service!

  2. Because they are organic, do we still have to clean them with the same bleach solution as non organic veggies?

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