Fresh seafood, delivered to your door

Have you met Abdou? Some of you have, and others of you would probably like to! Abdou will take your order for seafood, go to the market early in the morning, buy whatever you’ve requested and ice it down, then deliver it to your door at whatever time suits you.


I’ve been buying from Abdou for over a year now and am always impressed with the freshness of the seafood and how punctual he is for deliveries. And his prices are quite good, too.

  • Beautiful lotte fillets are between 3,000-3,500cfa/kilo.
  • Whole shrimp is 2,500cfa/kilo.
  • Barracuda fillets are 6,000cfa/kilo.
  • He can also get gambas, lobster or any other local seafood you’d like.

Abdou is a very motivated seller who wants your business. So he may call you up to ask if you are ready to order again rather than waiting for you to contact him. But hey, for prompt deliveries, fresh seafood and good prices… It’s worth it.

Abdou: 77 310 6093

Tell him Khady sent you. 🙂



  1. Is Abdou still around and does he still deliver fresh fish? I’m new in Dakar and want to make sure before I give him a call, thanks!

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