Bagels and more!

Five flavors of bagels, fabulously dense and chewy, freeze well! 3,000cfa for a bag of 12. Choose from plain, sesame, onion, cinnamon & raisin or poppy seed.

Also available:
– banana muffins, 6 for 1,200cfa
– tortillas, 10 for 2,000cfa
– granola, 2,000cfa
– peanut butter, all natural (no added sugar, oil, salt), freshly made, 1 kilo at 2,500cfa
– whole wheat flour, 1 kilo, 1,200cfa

Marie sells outside of ISD on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, from 2:30pm to 6pm. Tel: 77-023-62-88

She has been baking bagels since 2002. She went into business for herself, investing in an oven. She has completed a certificate of hygiene course from the US Embassy.


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