Custom table-top herb gardens


I don’t even have a pale green thumb. It’s pretty much just brown. But maintaining an herb garden that someone else plants, that I can do.

We recently bought four table-top herb gardens and are very happy with the resulting basil, cilantro, parsley, green onions, mint and coming-soon-tomatoes. So I thought I’d pass on the info to Dakar Eats readers.

Each table costs 6,000cfa and includes the actual table (about 2 feet tall), the soil mix and your choice of herbs and/or available garden plants. There are at least 20 herbs and plants to choose from. We asked for tomatoes (not on the list) and he made it work. He also gave me big bags of freshly snipped herbs to use while waiting for our new plants to take root and really start producing.

In addition to the 6,000cfa per table, Tall recommends buying a year’s worth of fertilizers (macro/micro). All in all, for the four tables installed at our house with plants (not just seedlings) and the fertilizers was 28,000cfa.

If you decide you want to change out your plants for something new, just call and he’ll make it happen.

Contact Tall (French or Wolof) for details. 77 543 4839. Very quick delivery time and wonderful follow-up to be sure your brown thumb doesn’t kill off his hard work!




  1. Looks great! I was wondering about the possibility of growing broccoli on our rooftop since it’s not as readily accessible or affordable as what we are used to.

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