Peas (and other stuff), please!


This is a first for me. Fresh peas in Dakar! And shelled at 1,500cfa/kilo, way too good to pass up. Sold by the vendors in front of Parcours / Chez Hoballah / The French Fry store on the Corniche. (If you go into Parcours, they have Skittles, M&Ms, Starburst and Kit Kats. You know, to balance out those healthy peas.)

Also in season: cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, strawberries, sweet corn, Malian mangoes, avocados and green beans. Charentais melons are on their way out.

Anyone seen fresh peas elsewhere in Dakar?



  1. Fresh fava Beans, Feves in french are excellent and still in City Dia, route de Ouakam, 1000 f per Kg

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