My favorite restaurants (#8)

Last Sunday, Michelle and Paige asked me to post about my favorite restaurants in Dakar. That conversation led to this series, which is still growing as people send in their recommendations. Today’s recommendations actually come from Michelle, Paige and their roommates!

If you’d be willing to participate by sharing your recommendations, please email me!. Thanks!

Favorite Pizza:
Paige: Aux Fin Palais – Hawaiian Style, the best in Dakar
Rachel: La Piazza thick crust pizza, next to Eric Kayser

Favorite hamburger: Shady Shack

Favorite ice cream:
Paige: L’Opêra (behind Times’ Café, best mint chocolate chip) and La Gondole (coconut)
Michelle: La Galette’s Eskimaux. Ice cream dipped in chocolate, yum.

Senegalese restaurant: Mme Basoulé’s catering, will deliver. Based out of Sacré Coeur/Liberté VI. Best yassa poulet. (Paige is drooling just thinking about it)

Favorite ethnic:
– Le Layal (Lebanese) downtown by Galette, great hummus, big selection and variety
– Brazilian Restaurant in Fann Hock. Great buffet, tons of meat, all-you-can-eat, prix fixe. (We think it’s between 7,000-8,000cfa, doesn’t include drinks.)

Favorite brunch: Eric Kayser is a team fav, but also Aux Fin Palais (next to N’ice Cream) has great pastries and coffee. La Graine d’Or (near gas station on N’Gor) is also a great bakery. (We love our pastries).

Favorite old standby: German Institute (Point E). On the rooftop terrace, great panini’s and best latté within walking distance of our home.

Favorite splurge: Café de Rome. Maybe a little cliché, but we haven’t tried much else and their fondant au chocolate is worth it every time.

Favorite Little beach restaurant: On Ile de N’Gor, we can’t remember the name, but if you are on the big beach facing the mainland it is on the left (chez…) and serves great grilled fish.

What is missing from Dakar’s food scene? Mexican, good salad/sandwich place, bagels, frozen yogurt.

Thanks, Michelle and Paige!


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